Losing yourself.

In the recent weeks, I’ve got back into an old pastime which I’ve loved for years- but this time started up again for a different reason. Scrapbooking is for hoarders like myself to savour things that to most people are pointless pieces of crap, like old train and cinema tickets, random receipts or leftover foreign…

I see it.

This is my one year old daughter, Mila-Rose. I know it sounds crazy- but sometimes I just watch her. I watch her play, giggle, smile, learn, talk to random objects. I watch her toddle around unsteadily and twiddle her hair when she’s tired. I see her face beam up when daddy walks through the door….

What they don’t tell you

Pregnancy and becoming a new parent is full of emotions and advice from those close to you.. but here’s a list of stuff you may NOT have been prepared for, including my own personal experiences.